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15 Years Of Experience As A Dietitian And Health Nutritionist In The UAE.

Super diet center is considered a company specialized in healthy nutrition and physical health and it is characterized by providing the finest and best multi-products in this field. Super diet Center is distinguished by providing a variety of supplements, diets advisory, vitamins, products for weight reduction and maintaining it in addition to athletic products and aims to maintain a healthy style and style for citizens and residents through awareness of the importance of a balanced diet that leads to enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle by providing the finest consultations for nutritional diets.

What I Offer For Good Health?

Nutrition Coaching

It will be a macro-based food approach. As we work together, we will make adjustments to your calories and macros based on body composition

Lose Weight

I will contribute to give the best solution from our highly performant packages to solve your problem of overweight and prevent obesity. 5-10kg Guarantied per months

Gaining Weight

We provide you with highly nutritional package plan to build muscle mass & dryness products for people who are underweight and wish to gain weight in a safe & natural way

Sports Nutrition

A nutrition plan to support an individual’s training regime and goals will be create. The plan will incorporate both food and hydration integral to performance

Athletics Nutrition

For you athletes, we are will introduce you a special package of products that increase muscles size, achieve optimum performance and endurance during exercise

What People Are Saying

“I was suffering from obesity but thanks to God, Super Diet Center, and Dr. Fadi, I decreased 30 kilos and started my career with the ideal weight all without sagging, and even my appearance changed. I look younger in age, and I’m still continuing. It’s inspiring to those around me.
Thank you Super Diet Center and thank you, Dr. Fadi.”

Doaa Abu Qamar

“When I decided to join the Super Diet Center, I was afraid of my ability to continue, as well as I was afraid that I would not be able to lose weight at all, but with Dr. Fadi’s encouragement, my confidence began to increase, and the weight loss journey began, and now for the first time in my life I am approaching the perfect weight, and I will continue until I reach the right weight.
Thank you, Dr. Fadi, and thank you, Super Diet Center.”

Reem Salman

“I would love to share with you my success story in order to benefit everyone who lost hope in losing weight. I am tired of being overweight, and I tried to lose weight through several regimens, but I failed, until I joined the Super Diet Center, with Dr. Fadi, through his experience and studied nutritional programs, I was able To lose excess weight, without deprivation, and without flabbiness in the body, and I am still continuing until I reach my goal, the ideal weight.
Thank you Super Diet Center, and thank you, Dr. Fadi.”

Mohamed Ahmed

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